What is the Green Fix?

The Green Fix is an independent climate justice newsletter and event organiser sharing bullshit-free information and practical resources for anyone who’s interested in helping fight the climate crisis and build a greener fairer world.

You don’t need to be a climate expert - you just need to care.

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The Green Fix goes once every two weeks on a Wednesday. You can also follow The Green Fix on Instagram @thegreenfix_, Twitter @TheGreenFix and LinkedIn.

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We are a volunteer-led initiative with no funding. Reader donations support the newsletter and our event organising costs. If you find The Green Fix useful, consider tipping a virtual coffee.

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We offer a wide range of partnership and sponsorship options, from paid ad slots to partnered newsletter editions. Check out the sponsorship package and contact us via wearethegreenfix@gmail.com.

Note: We only work with organisations that align with our values of inclusive, decolonial and feminist climate action.

Who are we?

The Green Fix is managed by Cass Hebron, climate communications consultant based in Belgium. Instagram @cass.hebron LinkedIn Cass J Hebron.

The team:

  • Myriam Gambini, Brussels-based, where she works on education and active citizenship policy. Passionate about environmental justice and its intersection with racial justice. mygambini@gmail.com

  • Alexandra Vázquez Mera, ESC volunteer in non-formal youth education, passionate about promoting sustainable development through the creation of platforms of dialogue for young people, so they can lead change.

  • Martina Razzaboni, policy officer in the Brussels bubble, food influencer in another life. Interested in sustainable urbanism and green cities. Balancing the mind of a bureaucrat and the heart of a climate activist.

  • Issy Poutney, student based in Edinburgh involved in climate campaigning and activism through a number of projects. Really passionate about climate justice and education which empowers young people to drive change.

  • Ana Alexandrescu, working in EU policy event organisation, passionate about politics, being in nature, travelling, all things culture, and understanding how to contribute to building a fairer, more sustainable and just world.

  • Saul Markcoons, a comms consultant in Brussels focused on equitable trade and urban planning. Interested in decentralised, ground-up approaches to systemic change and the future it could create. Also food, baking and football.

  • Nic Fife. Environmental psychologist and political ecologist by training, interested in interdisciplinary approaches to climate action. Community gardener and amateur acrobat in the warmer months.

Tell me what you want (what you really really want)

I want to talk about what you want to learn about. Get in touch with questions, ideas or suggestions at wearethegreenfix@gmail.com.

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I write about climate justice, degrowth and activist mental health. Overcaffeinated and underwhelmed with the state of affairs. Had a reusable cup before it was cool. Communications consultant based in Brussels, Belgium.
Passionate about climate justice and sustainability. I am based in Berlin, where I work with civil society on programme support and capacity building. Contact me at mygambini@gmail.com
MA in International Studies | ESC volunteer in non-formal youth education