What is the Green Fix?

Broke, busy and bombarded by conflicting information about the climate? Same.

The Green Fix is a newsletter sharing information and free practical resources for who’s interested in helping fight the climate crisis and build a greener world.

You don’t need to be a climate expert - you just need to care.

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Who am I?

I’m Cass Hebron and I write about climate issues. I live in Brussels and have worked for international NGOs including the Fair Trade Advocacy Office, Oxfam and Friends of the Earth. I also founded sustainability magazine Wild in 2018 because I was frustrated at how difficult it was to find straightforward information about how to be sustainable - and my mission has been to make that easier ever since.

I’m now a full-time freelance writer: drop me an email to see how we could work together.

Tell me what you want (what you really really want)

I want to talk about what you want to learn about. Get in touch with questions, ideas or suggestions at casshebron@gmail.com. You can also connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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